Karapincha Paste (Curry Leaf Paste)
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Posted by Gamini

Karapincha (curry) leaves from about 20 - 30 sprigs
Oil (preferably canola or olive)
1 tsp Salt
Juice from one lime

Place the washed and cleaned Karapincha leaves in a blender, add about half cup of oil, salt and the lime juice.
Begin to blend. Add more oil as necessary to keep the mixture as a thick slurry. Do not add too much oil as the final product could become too thin. Transfer the paste to a jar. This can be kept in a refrigerated for a few months without going bad.

The procedure is similar to the making of pesto; an Italian preparation. This paste can be used in curries instead of fresh karapincha leaves in areas/countries where karapincha is hard to find.
Also this can be used in a way similar to mint sambol. This preparation is better than dried karapincha leaves. The unique aroma of karapincha comes from the oils in the leaves. During drying the leaves loose most of its oil and become less aromatic. This procedure preserves the oil in the paste.

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