Savery pan cake stuffed with chicken and mushrooms
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Posted by Dimuth Jayasinghearachchi on March 06, 19106 at 19:45:50:

For pan cake
200g self raising flour
100g buter
4 eegs
salt/ pepper
bunch of fresh rosemarry
1/2 liter of milk
450g brest of chicken
200g botten mushroom
1/2 bot of white wine (Chadonny)
5 clove of garlic chopped
1 big cooking onoin chopped
4 teas soopns of olive oil
275g fresh cream

For topping
200g greated chawder cheese
50g butter
50g flour
1/4 liter milk
tea spoon of chilli flakes for garnish

Beat the eegs and flour, butter, milk and make batter, add salt, peper and rossemarry, and make pan cakes, heat apan add garlic oinons, til soffen add chicken and mushrooms allow to cook add white wine and finish with fresh cream.

Melt butter for the topping add flour cook till they form a past add milk simmer add cheese and wisk till become a smooth sauce. keep the pancakes on a plate serve chicken stuffing and fold the pancake. cover with the topping sauce. sprinkle pinch of chilli flake and garnish with sprige of rossemarry. serve hot. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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