Molagathanni Soup (for four people)
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Posted by Rosemary Delwala on August 23, 19104 at 17:02:25:

50 g butter or margarine
100 g chopped onion
1 dsspn tomato puree
25 g chopped apple
1 litre brown stock
10 g cooked rice (for garnish)
50 g flour
1/2 clove of garlic (chopped)
1 dsspn curry powder
1 dsspn chopped chutney

1) Lightly brown the onion and garlic in the fat (butter).
2) Mix in the flour and curry powder, cook out for a few minutes, browning slightly.
3) Mix in the tomato puree. Cool slightly.
4) Gradually mix in the brown stock.
5) Stirl to boil.
6) Add the remainder of the ingredients and season with salt.
7) Simmer 30-45 min.
8) Pass firmly through a medium strainer.
9)Return to a clean pan, re-boil. (boil again)
10) Correct the seasoning and consistency.
11) Place the rice in a warm soup tureen and pour in the soup. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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