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Posted by PREETHI PANDITHASEKERA on February 02, 19104 at 16:45:57:

One Pine apple
4 cloves
Pinch of cinnamon
a few strips of thinly cut lime
a good pinch of grated nutmeg

Cut 3 large slices from a pinapple each aboout half
thick. Remove the core and dice the fruit very small.
Put into a sauce pan with just enough water or the
juice which runs out and add brown sugar to taste.

Simmer until the fruit is soft and pulpy. Then add a
pinch of Cinnamon, Cloves peeled lime and nutmeg. Boil
up rapidly stirring the time. Then allow to simmer
gently again until nicely flavoured. Remove the cinamon, cloves stir well serve as an accompaniment to roast pork.

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