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Posted by Preethi Pandithasekera on December 08, 19102 at 08:20:49:

1 lb. Mixed Fruits - Mango, Tomato, Amberella, dates
1 1/4 lb. Sugar
3/4 to 1 oz. Chillie powder
2 ozs. sultanas
1 ozs. mustard ) ground in 1/2
1 ozs. garlic ) bottle venigar
1 ozs. ginger )

Peel and cut the fruits. Cut up the scalded tomato into pieces. Into the sliced mango and Amberlla sprinkle a little salt and dry in the sun for couple of hours (or keep on top of the oven) Place in pan the sugar, vinegar, salt and the ground ingredients to boil. Boil until the syrup is thick. Then add the prepared fruits and cook for about 15 mts., longer and cool and bottle.

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