Curry Powder for Vegetables
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Posted by Malini on January 06, 19102 at 14:17:30

This a quick and easy method to make curry powder that is used to cook most sri lankan vegetable curries.

2 oz corriander (kottamalli/dhania)
1 oz sweet cummin (mahaduru)
1 1/2 oz cummin (suduru/zeera)
1 oz Fenugreek (uluhal/methi)
3 sprigs curry leaves (optional)
1/4 tsp turmeric powder


Lightly roast all of the above ingredients except turmeric in a heavy skillet. Add the turmeric to the mix and grind into a powder using either a motar with a pestle or coffee/spice grinder. Store in a tight container. This could be kept for a year. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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