Wiener Schnitzel and potatoe salad
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Posted by Anu on April 30, 19101 at 09:25:54

(for wiener schnitzel)
5 chicken breasts thinly sliced,
two cups of bread crumbs,
3 tablespoons of salt,
1 lemon
2 well beaten eggs
(if necessary 1teaspoon black pepper powder)
oil for deep frying

(for potatoe salad)
I kg potatoes,
5 onions,
1 lemon
1 tablespoon icing sugar,
1 teaspoon oil,
crushed garlic

wash and dry well the chicken slices.
mix well the salt/black pepper and sprinkle
over the chicken and leave it aside to marinate.
Heat the oil. Dip the chicken breasts first
in eggs and then in bread crumbs and deep fry
well. Drain from oil and leave for a while.
(instead eggs a flour batter can be used as

Boil and peel the potatoes. Crush the potatoes
into small pieces or cut into chunks. Mix the
lemon juice of the lemon, oil, crushed garlic
icing sugar, and add a pinch of salt.Chopp the
onions finely and finally add it to the lemon
juice mixture. Mix them well and add the
potatoes last. Serve with the fried chicken
breasts (wiener schitzel. Serve few lemon
slice to squeez over the chicken before eating.

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