Egg Sambol
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Posted by Anya Gunewardena

6 eggs, full boiled, shelled and halved
two big onions, shredded into thin slices
three cloves of garlic, crushed
teasp. of olive oil
a few curry leaves
table spoonful of maldive fish
juice of four cumquats

Heat the oil in a non-stick pan. Combine the ingredients other than the boiled eggs and the juice of cumquats and add to the hot oil. Stir well until the onions look like seeni sambol.

Add the halved eggs and spoon the onion mixture over them. Cover and lower the heat and let cook for five minutes. Then remove the egg halves from the pan, and add the cumquat juice and mix well.

Lay the egg halves on a serving plate and pile the sambol in the middle. Decorate the dish with a sprig of parsley or karapincha if you wish. Can go hot or cold to the table.
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