Lime Chutney
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Posted by Harinee.De.Silva on October 16, 1998 at 12:46:06

1. 50 fresh limes
2. 4 oz green ginger
3. 4 oz garlic
4. 8 oz dry chillies
5. 1 pint vinegar
6. 3 tbs sugar
7. salt to taste
8. 2 cardamons
9. 2 cloves


Boil a big Saucepan of water and put into it
the 50 fresh limes. Leave it on the fire for
5 minutes.Take it off,and leave the limes inside
for 2 hours. Now take out the limes,and slice
them finely and remove the seeds.Grind the
ginger and garlic together. Powder the chillies.
Mix all the ingredients together, and rub well
into the limes. Put it into a bottle, and it
will be ready for use in two weeks.

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