Smoked Tofu Kebabs
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Posted by Harinee.De.Silva on October 14, 1998 at 17:45:54

1. 8 ounces smoked tofu
2. 2 green peppers, deseeded
3. 24 button mushrooms
4. 2 limes
5. 2 tbs olive oil
6. 1 tbs chilli sauce


* Cut the tofu into even sized cubes and
place in a bowl.

* Cut the green peppers into sqares and
blanch in boiling water for 1 minute.
Drain well add to the tofu wlth the
washed and dried mushrooms.

* Squeesze the juice of 1 lime into the
bowl with the tofu and the vegetables
and mix with the oil and chilli sauce.
Allow to stand for 30 minutes.

* Arrannge tofu, mushrooms and green
peppers alternately on metal skewers.
Brush over with the marinade on a barbeque
or under avery hot broiler. Turn after
3 minutes cook for 8-10 minutes in all
serve with plain concous or rice and

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