Lentil bulbs
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Posted by shermila on October 03, 19107 at 18:47:40:

1.250 grams of lentils(Dhal)
2.4 small size prawns
3.Large size onion(About25 grams)
4.few Karapincha leaves
5.any kind of oil

Soak lentils in fresh water for about 30 miniutes. Clean the prawns.Cut the onion and karapincha leaves into very small pieces. Take lentils from water strain it for a while (Aaout 10 miniutes) Grind lentils and prawns together. Take out from the grinder and add onions salt and karapincha leaves together and make a mixture.When you mix onion pieces with ground lentils The mixture becomes thick.If you like you can add some chilly powder to make this a little hot.

Heat oil .Make any size of balls out of that mixture and as soon as you make the balls put it into the oil and fry.You can't make the balls and keep aside because the mixture is not thick enough to do so.

The lentil balls may be in various shapes but you can make those in same size. The amount of the balls depends on the size. Serve with tomato sauce or any kind of sauce you like .This is very economical and delicious.
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