Fruit Punch
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Posted by Chandranee Xavier on January 30, 19107 at 19:48:04:

1 can of frozen orange juice (concentrated)
1 can of frozen cranberry juice "
1 can of frozen lemonade juice "
1 big can of apple juice
1 big bottle of ginger ale
* 1 can of concentrated frozen pineapple juice (optional, as some may be allergic to pineapple.)

Crushed ice or an Ice Ring with orange and lemon round slices with a few fresh lemon/lime leaves. In a Punch bowl, mix all juices together with 3 cans of cold water and ginger ale. Just before serving add crushed ice or allow the ice ring to float in the bowl with juice.

This is an ideal drink in Summer to keep yourself cool and nice. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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