Thai Iced Tea
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Posted by Sasi Empan on July 23, 19101 at 15:59:23

Tea(strong one)
Unsweetened condensed milk
Ice cubes

Place 2 tablespoons of tea in a muslin bag, and place it in the neck of a jug. Pour one and a half cups of boiling water through it and allow to steep for 30 seconds to a minute.

Transfer the bag to a second jug and pour the water from the fist jug through the bag, repeating this process until the tea is as strong as you can manage to make it. (5-6 transfers usually suffices).

Remove the bag and stir in 4 tablespoons of sugar and a quarter cup of unsweetened condensed milk (or a third of a cup of sweetened condensed milk as a substitute for both the sugar and unsweetened milk).

Cool in the refrigerator and serve over glasses fill with iced cube or shave ice(need to fill lots of ice because it should be very very cool)

Makes two cups.

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