Red Iced Tea
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Posted by Lasanthi Jayasinghe

A cooling drink with few calories and no caffeine!

5 bags of Tetley Red tea
3-5 TBS Sugar
Juice of a Lemon
Juice of an Orange
boiling water
Iced water
Ice cubes
Lemon slices & Orange slices for garnish (optional)

Pour 3/4 cup to a cup of boiling water on to tea bags and let steep for about 3 minutes, do not disturb tea bags or steep for too long to avoid the tea becoming bitter.
Remove tea bags and add sugar - the tea will be extra sweet at this point. Add ice water and cubes to cool it to room temp.
Extract juice form orange and lemon into a serving jug. Add cooled tea and adjust sweetness before adding more ice cubes and lemon/orange slices for garnish.
*It is important to bring tea to at least room temperature before adding citrus juices or your iced tea will be cloudy.
Pour into tall chilled glasses and enjoy on a hot summer day!

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