Austrian Biscuits
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Posted by Anu on January 07, 19102 at 18:29:32


2kgs self-raising flour,
2 cups of butter,
2 cups of icing sugar,
a pinch of salt
and enough water to make the dough
couple of biscuit cutters
one dark chocolate


Mix the flour, butter, icing sugar, salt
and water and make a thick dough kneading
well. The dough should not be sticky at all.
Keep it aside to rise.

Melt the chocolate to a thick sauce using
half a cup of water. Set it aside.

Take half of the dough and faltten it to
the thickness of five milimetres. Using
the biscuit cutters cut as much as biscuits
you want. Bake them in a moderate over until
they are brown. Dip one edge of the biscuits
in chocolate sauce and leave it to dry.

This is good for your tea time.

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