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Posted by Mrs. Rinoza Riaze on July 30, 19100 at 10:14:54

20-24 sponge fingers
2tbsp cold clack coffee
2tbsp coffee essence
2tbsp brandy
4 egg yolks
90g castor sugar
2tsp vanilla essence
grate of a lemon rind
350g mascarpone or philadelphia cream
2tsp lemon juice
250ml double cream
1tbsp milk
30g lightly toasted almonds
2tbsp cocoa powder
1tbsp icing sugar

Arrange almost half the sponge finger in the base of a glass bowl. Combine black coffee, coffee essence brandy over the spong finger. Put the egg yolks into a heat proof bowl with the sugar, vanilla essence and lemon rind. Stand over a saucepan of gently simmering water and whisk until very thick and creamy and the whisk leaves a very heavy trail when lifted from the bowl.

Put the cream cheese and when evenly blended puir half over the sopng fingers and spread. Add another layer of sponge sprinkle with the remaining coffee and cover with the rest of the cheese mixture.

Chill for 2hrs. Whip the cream and milk together until stiff spread over the dessert. Sprinklr the flaked almonds then sift even layer of cocoa powder.

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