Jaggery Souffle
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Posted by Sunila Hewa Basithage on February 19, 19100 at 08:04:45

2 cups thick coconut milk
3 eggs
350g grated jaggery
1 teasp vanilla
4 teasp gelatine soaked in 1/2 cup cold water
1/4 teasp grated nutmeg

Dissolve the soaked gelatine over boiling water. Mix yolks, coconut milk and jaggery and strain. Cook
over a low flame until the custard thickens. Allow to cool. Add gelatine and flavouring. Lastly fold in
the stiffly beaten egg whites.

Rinse a ring mould in cold water but do not wipe.Pour the custard into the mould and place in a bowl of
cold water for 3/4 hour.

Put in the refrigerator for 7 hours to set. The souffle should be unmoulded just before serving .To
unmould place your hands on the mould for a few minutes.

Decorate with cream.
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