Christmas Cake
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Posted by Anu on August 27, 1999 at 11:35:36

NOTE: this receipe should be prepared at least 2 months before baking to get the best out of it.

part 1

1/2 kg dates
1/2 kg cherries
1/2 kg cadju nuts
1/2 kg raisins
1/2 kg candid peel
1/4 kg ginger preserve
1/4 kg chow chow

part 2

1/2 semolina
1/2 butter
20 eggs
1 bottle strawberry of jam
1 bottle blackcurrent of jam
3 tablespoons of vanilla
1 teaspoon full of crushed cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon
1/2 bottle of arrack
2 cups of bees honey

Step 1
Chop finely all the ingredients listed in part 1. Add strawberry jam, blackcurrent jam, honey, vanilla, crushed spices one cup of bees honey, and two cups of arrack and mix well. Leave at least two month for marination. From time to time mix well the ingredients.

Step 2
Beat egg white and yolk separate. Lightly roast semolina until its light brown and add butter into it. Beat lightly. Add butter/semolina mixture, beated egg yolks and whites into the step 1 ingredients and mix with a wooden spoon well. Chop few cherries to give the colour. Line well (few layers) of a baking tray and bake until is it done in a moderate oven. Don't bake until "kara"!

step 3
Once the cake is done, leave it for cooling. Mix one cup of bees honey into one cup of arrack well until disolved. Using a clean thick brush apply this mixture on top of the cake. Do this for couple of days. If needed you can ice the cake with almond paste. If you add colour to the almond paste it will give a rich look!

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