Milk & Custard Fudge
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Posted by Shirlene Van Sanden

1 tin Milk Maid Condensed Milk (large)
2 tins (condensed milk tin) water
1/2 cup custard powder (dissolved in 1/2 cup water)
1 1/2 teaspoons Nescafe
2 teaspoon Brandy

Dissolve the milk in the water and keep it on low fire.
Keep stirring all the time to avoid curdling. Mix the nescafe in a little hot water and add to the milk. Add the brandy next.
When you feel the milk has come to boiling point which will take only just a couple of minutes pour in the custard powder and continue stirring, do not take the ladle off the pan keep stirring until you find that the contents have got mixed up and you feel that it is thick and is setting. It should not be too thick.
Take off the fire.
Cool and leave to set either in dessert cups or in a glass bowl.
Please ensure that you do not let the contents curdle.

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