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Posted by Nilantha

400 ml kithul treacle
1 tin of thick coconut milk (400 ml)
8 eggs
Grated Sadikka (nutmeg)
Pinch of salt

First beat all the eggs and then add coconut milk, kithul treacle, grated sadikka and pinch of salt and beat well. Prepare a pan with applying butter and pour the mixture to it. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake 45 minutes at 350 F. Take it from the oven and leave it for cool and serve.
This quantity is good for serving 10 people.

Use MD kithul treacle, if you cannot find coconut milk (thick) then add coconut powder and make it thick. Use extra large eggs. Use sadikka or chopped cardamom or vanilla.
Bake it about 40 minutes and lift the aluminum foil from one side and see whether it is done. If not done properly, cover it and leave it for few minutes. Finally remove the foil and leave it for few minutes to make the top surface become light brown. Leave the pudding for cool one day for better taste.

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