Pineapple Fluff
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Posted by Mihiri Wickramsinghe

1 tin evaporated milk
1 pkt gelatin
1 tin crushed pineapple, or cubes cut up
5 tablespoons white sugar

Boil the tin of evaporated milk in water, without opening, in a pan. Cool and keep in fridge, preferably overnight.
Soak gelatin in a little water and then add to half a cup of boiling water and dissolve the gelatin completely.

Open the tin of evaporated milk, add half a tin of cold water to it, and whisk in an electric beater, adding the gelatin mixture, gradually, and the sugar, also gradually.

When mixture is light and fluffy, turn off the mixer and spoon in the pineapple, and pour into a glass dish and chill to set.

I have found adding a packet of jelly, also enhances the flavor-either pineapple flavor or lime. This can be done by dissolving the jelly in a little hot water and gradually adding it to the milk mixture as it is whisked

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