Country Apple Berry Crisp
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Posted by Yoshani De Silva on August 12, 1998 at 23:03:14

Preparation time : 20-30 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes
Makes 4 servings
Per serving has 395 calories (2.7g protein, 12.5g fat, 73.7g carbohydrate, 8.3g dietary fibre)

3 large apples, cored and sliced
2 cups or 500ml of any berries (sliced strawberries, raspberries, blueberries). If possible, use a mixed variety.
1 tablespoon cornstarch
3 shredded wheat biscuits, crumbled
* cup or 125 ml firmly packed brown sugar. Normal white sugar could also be used instead.
* cup or 50ml of butter or margarine
1 teaspoon or 5ml cinnamon

Note : If desired use an additional apple in place of the berries. The shredded wheat biscuits can be found as a cereal. The biscuits do not contain any added salt, sugar or fat.

1. Mix the fruit with cornstarch and set aside.
2. In another bowl combine the butter and brown sugar. Combine the crumbled biscuits and cinnamon. Rub with fingers until crumbly. Keep 1 cup (250ml) of the crumb mixture aside.
3. Toss the remaining crumb mixture with the fruit. Place the fruit mixture in a greased casserole dish or divide into individual greased custard cups. Sprinkle the remaining crumb mixture on top.
4. Cover and bake at 375F (190C) for twenty minutes. Then remove the cover and bake another 10 minutes longer or until the apples are tender. Serve warm.

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