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Posted by Mitchelle Jayasooriya

400g flour
100g powdered milk
50g sugar
50g butter
1tp sugar
2tps yeast
little hot water
1 egg

Top covering
200g icing sugar
100g butter


1.Put the little amount of sugar, yeast and the water to a cup and cover and keep it for half an hour.
2. While that mix the flour, powdered milk, sugar, butter and the egg together.
3. Now mix the yeast, sugar (which was kept for half an hour)and the dough together and leave it for half an hour, while leaving it for half an hour put some flour to the plate.
4. After leaving it for half an hour add little water from time to time, make sure you do not add too much of water if you have add a little flour to the dough until stickiness goes.
5. After the dough is ready you can make balls and get them to the shape you wish or the real shape.
6. Fry the doughnuts in deep oil, remember to take them in few seconds or else it will roast.
7. Leave the doughnuts after frying to let cool down.

Top covering
1. While the doughnuts are cooling down you can make the icing.
2. Mix the icing sugar and butter, if you like in colour add colour of your choice, if you like it in chocolate add a little cocoa power.
3. If you do not like icing with cocoa powder you can use chocolate syrup.
4. After the doughnuts are cooled down put on the icing or the chocolate syrup.

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