Sugar free chocolate cake
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Posted by Renuka Samararathna

6 OZ margarine
1/2 cup splenda (sweetness powder-sugar substitute)
3 eggs
1/2 cup cold milk
8 OZ flour
4 tsp baking powder
4 TBSP chocolate powder
3 cups Dry fruits (such as sultanas golden raisins, Black raisins dry cranberries)

Mix flour baking powder and chocolate powder. Shift it. put a side. Beat margarine and splenda (sugar substitute) well. then add eggs one each time while beating. Add flour to the margarine mixture. mix it slowly by wooden spoon. Then add dry fruits mix it well. Add milk last, mix it well. Don't beat much. when adding flour make sure fold the flour slowly without beating too much.

Greased 9 inch round baking tin pour the cake mixture bake about 25 to30 minute. Oven temperature should be 320 F.
Cool the cake before decorate. You can use sugar free frosting as below.
sugar free cream cheese frosting
1/4 cup butter
8 oz Philadelphia cream cheese
1/4 splenda(sugar substitute)
heavy dash of vanilla essence
2 tbsp chocolate powder

Beat all ingredients together and decorate the cake.
you can divide the cake for two slices then spread sugar free Jam on bottom slice (pineapple jam, Black current jam or any other sugar free jams). Then spread layer of frosting over the jam. Cover with top slice of cake ,then decorate top of the cake with rest of sugar free cream cheese frosting.
This cake can serve with sugar free ice-cream or law calorie

I would like to know more about sugar free recipes. Hope
some able to send more recipes to Malini's kitchen.

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