Coffee flavor carrot cake
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Posted by Priyantha Ileperuma

10 medium sized grated carrots
01 cup milk
01 cup milk powder
01 cup suger
100g pure Ghee
50g cashew nut
50g raisins
10 piece chopped green cardamom
04 drop vanilla
25 g Coffey powder

Heat pure ghee in a thick bottomed pan and add the grated carrot and saute for 5 mints.
Add milk,milk powder cardamom powder,cashew nut,raisins and cook medium heat for 6 Mints.
stir sugar and and cook till sugar melts and mixed well
grease a tray with butter of climflim and put the mixture and spread evenly keep cool 3 to 4 hrs in refrigerate and serve cool with some fruits.

priyantha Ileperuma (Mezzaluna Rest,Walana, Panadura)

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