American Carrot Cake
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Posted by Shiromi on April 17, 19108 at 09:41:59:

03 eggs
200g sugar
100g peeled almonds
Grated peel of 01 lomen
200g carrots
01 tea spoon of vanilla sugar
01 tea spoon of baking powder
A drop of salt
250g wheat flour

Grind almonds and carrtos finely in a food processor. Whip eggs and sugar into foam. Add grated peel of lomen, almonds and carrots into the foam. Mix dry ingredients together and add to the dough. Pour the dough into an oblong tin, buttered and bread- crumbled. Bake at 200c for about 30 minutes

50g butter
30-40g powder sugar
02 table spoon of lemon juice

Mix the butter and sugar and lomen juice. Spread icing on top of the cooled-off cake.

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