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Posted by Agnes Lilliehook on December 13, 19107 at 18:59:18:

Ingredients for 2x7"-8"pans
2 teaspoons dry yeast
1lb flour
2 ozs water
8 ozs milk8 ozs butter
2-4 well beaten eggs
4 ozs. icing suger or soft suger
1/2 sultanas.

Dissolve yeast in water finger warm tempertature (not more than 37F.)Add 1/4lb flour & stir.add the balance 3/4 lb flour over the yeast mixture& allow to sponge through the dry flour.
Mix the milk with the sponge flour mixture.The dough should be smooth & elastic. Cream well the butter, icing suger & the eggs.add this mixture into the dough. Add the sultanas.Grease well the 2 pans &fill the pans half full. Allow rise until doubel.
Bake at 375F. Unmould allow to cool. Dust with icing suger.

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