Italian Cream
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Posted by Agnes Lilliehook on April 20, 19107 at 17:36:54:

For 8 Person

8 oz suger.
8 oz pinapple juice.
3 1/2 tsp geletine
3 tsp custard powder.
2 eggs
green & red colouring
16 ozs milk. (little milk to dissolve custard powder)
1 tin Pinapple pieces (12 ozs)
1 tsp vanilla

Mix custard powder with little milk & suger. Boil rest of suger & milk. When mixture reaches boiling point add custard powder mixture. cook until mixture thickens.
Add beaten eggs after removing from fire. Add gelatine pinapple mixture to custard. Cool.
Divide mixtrure into 3 colours & set in a ring mould.
Unmould and decorate with Pinapple pieces.

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