Key lime pie
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Posted by Renuka samararathna on November 08, 19105 at 18:28:46:

3 eggs seperated
1 can condensed milk(14oz)
1/2cup lime juice
2 to 3 drops green food colouring
1/3 sugar
1 9"pie crust
pre heat oven 325F
For pie crust..
80z flour
4oz butter
3 to 4 tbsp spoons cold water
2tbsps sugar

making a pie crust ...
mix four and butter untill crumbled.add the sugar.then add the water make it a ball then roll out lay out the pie dish.

for fillings....
in a medium bowl beat egg yokls grdually beat in condensed milk and lime juice stir in food colouring. pour in to a pie crust bake 30 minutes.remove from oven increase oven to 350F. beat the egg whites to soft peaks.gradually
add the sugar. dont beat it. spread over pie sealing edges. bake 15 minutes more. cool 1 hour chill for 2 hours..
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