Easy Tiramisu
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Posted by Anuja Wimalaratne on May 07, 19104 at 18:26:01:


450-500 grams Mascarapone or Mascarino Cup
20-25 Spongue finger biscuits
5 large eggs
1 cup sugar (powdered)
2 tablespoonfuls of chocolate powder (sweetned)
1 cup of light coffee, ready to drink (some people make a cup of sweetned chocolate drink instead)
tablespoonful of a sweet liquor or Vanilla essence


Separate yolks from whites. Keep one egg white separated from the other whites. Beat well together the yolks and sugar until creamy. Add the Mascarapone or Mascarino and beat lightly to mix them well. Add liquor or vanille to taste. Beat well the egg white kept aside until it forms peeks. Add it to the mascarapone mixture and fold well.

Grease lightly a square bowl. Add a light layer of Mascarapone/Mascarino mixture. Dip the fingure biscuits lightly in coffee and top the mascarapone layer with a layer of finger biscuits. Add another thick layer of Mascarapone/Mascarino mixture. (each finger biscuit has to be dipped in coffee before laying on top of the mascarapone layer!! Top again a layer of biscuits and again a layer of Mas/Mas.rino mixture. Leave the top layer smooth. Keep in the fridge one whole day well covered. Before serving sprinkle chocolate powder. This is also good with a layer of heavy cream beaten well with icing sugar. You can add some flashy colour to beaten heavy cream to give some beauty.... Chocolate sprinkle is the Usual Tiramisu Style!! It is up to you! Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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