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Posted by PREETHI PANDITHASEKERA on February 02, 19104 at 16:41:26:

one round sponge cake
one pineapple or one tin pineapple
2 ozs. toasted nuts
a few mock cherries or jujubs
4 tbsp mango or papow jam

CREAM-OUT of 8ozs. icing sugar
4 dsps. milk
4 ozs. butter
1 dsp. arrack or brandy

Cream sugar and butter well . Add essence,
beat, then mix in the milk gradually. Beat


Cut cake into three. Set aside three pineapple
rings. Chop the balance fruit and add two ozs.
sugar and stew the fruit. Place one slice of
cake on silver platter, fork sprinkle a little
pineapple juice, spread jam, and then a layer
of cream. Top with the stewed fruit. Place
the second layer repeat. Spread top and sides
of gateau with cream. Arrange the pineapple
halves on top, decorate with cherries.
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