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Posted by Sunila Hewa Basithage on April 20, 19103 at 07:10:14:

200g Digestive Biscuits
5 tbls unsalted Butter
200g Philadelphia cream cheese
1pkt Lemon jelly
3/4 cup hot water
500 ml fresh cream
2tbls lemon juice
1 can ( 595g) pie filling (Strawberry,Blueberry or Cherry)

To make crust:
Place biscuits in food processor bowl, process 30 seconds or until finely crushed. Add butter, process further 15 seconds. Press biscuit mixture firmly into the base of a 20 cm round spring form cake tin. Refrigerate while preparing filling.

To make filling:
Mix jelly with 3/4 cup of hot water. Cool.
Using electric beaters, beat fresh cream. When it half done, gradually add cream cheese. Slowly add lemon jelly & lemon Juice. Pour cheese mixture evenly over the biscuit mixture. Refrigerate overnight.

To make topping:
Just open the can and pour over the cheese mixture. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
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