Banana Pudding
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Posted by Chathu on November 17, 19102 at 16:51:38:

For this pudding either you can use one verity of bananas of few different verities together.

Serves 10


15 Bananas (Embul)
10 Slices of a day old bread
1 cup Milk
5 eggs
150 g Sugar
5 g Caramel Cream (Caramel Icing)
Vanilla extract
10 g Butter
Nuts (Optional)


Peel the bananas and cut into 10 small cubes. Process the rest of the bananas in a food processor or a blender with milk, caramel cream, butter and sugar. Pour the mixture in to a large mixing bowl, combine with the cubed bananas.

Beat the eggs until stiff, pour in to the banana mixture. Remove the dark edges from the bread cut in to small pieces and mix with the main mixture. Add Vanilla and Nuts.

Grease an oven proof dish and pour the mixture in. Use the temperature 300F 35 minutes or till the middle of the pudding is not sticking.
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