Fried Beans
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Posted by P. Weerathunga on August 26, 19105 at 19:34:00:

750g flat green beans
250g Big onions
3 long green chilles
2 sprigs of curry leaves (Karapincha)
1 tblsp red chille pieces
3 tblspoons chick coconut milk
1 teaspoon roasted curry powder
Salt to taste

Cut the beans lengthwise thinly. Deep fry until golden brown, and put them on a newspaper or kitchen towel to get rid of the excess oil.

Cut the oinions and deep fryuntil crispy, then fry the green chillies and curry leaves until crscpy.
In a pan put the fried onions, Karapincha, green chillies & fried beans. Add salt, chillie powder and the coconut milk, cook on very low flame until the coconut milk is absorbed.

Off the cooker, and sprinkle the roasted curry powder on the top. Keep the lid closed until time to serve.
A tasty side dish to go with Yellow Rice (Kaha Bath)

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