Wambatu (egg plant) Moju
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Posted by Ramani on August 26, 19105 at 19:22:01:

1 lb egg plants
1 packet of dried sprats(anchoives)
10 small red onion
10 green chillie
some maldive fish, chillie powder, garlic, ginger,
curry leaves, some cloves, some sugar, salt.

First slice egg plant into thin stripes and mix with yellow powder and salt and deep fry until lget brown color. Keep aside to drain oil. Then fry dried sprats(anchoives) ,whole green chillie and whole red onion with the same oil. do not chop onion and green chillie. Keep every thing aside to drain oil.

Now chop all garlic,ginger,maldive fish,mustard seeds,curry leaves,cloves,cardamom and make a paste.
Then get a medium size pan and put some veniger to warm. When it boils add the paste you already chopped,some chillie powder and some salt and stir well. Then add all the friend ingredients together and stir well and leave it under low flame. After a while add some sugar to sweeten it. It is better if you can use pottary pan for cooking.

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