Fried Kathurumuruga Leaves
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Posted by Surangi Gunasekera on August 14, 19102 at 09:11:56

400 g Kathurunurunga Leaves
100 g Maldive Fish
02 tbs Onions (Sliced)
02 tbs Garlic (Sliced)
20 g Pea Nuts (Rosted)
Lime Juice
Papper Powder


Deep fry the Kathurumuruga leaves till green in color and spread it in a newspaper to drain the oil. heat some oil in a sucepan and temper pounded maldive fish, onions, garlic ans cashewnuts. when the ingredients are tempered add fried Kathurunurunga Leaves and rosted peanuts and mix well. Finally add lime juice, salt and pepper. Remove from fir and mix well.
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