Malay Pickle
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Posted by Anu on February 19, 19101 at 20:51:26


1/2 kg dates
1/2 kg small onions
1/2 kg big chillies (malu miris)
10 big garlic
3 table spoonfuls of red chilli powder
salt to taste
3table spoonfuls of powered mustard
2 cup of vinegar


Clean onions chillies(malu miris)and dates. Boil vinegar and cook onions, chillies(malu miris) for 5 minutes. Drain from vinegar and add dates to it. Mix chilli powder, mustard powder, crushed garlic, salt to the rest of the boiled vinegar. Mix the dates, malu miris
and onions well into it. Keep in an airtight bottle for a couple of days before using. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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