Spicy Tofu
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Posted by Sumali

300 g Tofu (Soya bean curd)
2 cloves Garlic
2,3 Green chillie
1 Onion
Tamarind paste
3 tsp Chillie powder
2 tsp Spice powder
2 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste

Cut Tofu into cubes (as desired size) and deep fry. Let Tofu turn to golden brown each side and get out of oil and keep aside.
Grind garlic, ginger, chillie and onion. (the quantity above mentioned can be changed as your taste either more chillie taste, garlic taste or ginger, onion etc.). Do not add water.
Heat a pan and add 2 tbsp of oil. Then add the above paste.
Let it simmer for while and add tamarind paste.
While stirring add chillie powder, spice powder, pepper, cinnamon and salt as your taste.
Let the paste simmer for while and add fried Tofu and mix well.
When Tofu is mixed with paste properly, take out of the heat and serve.

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