Tomato Curry
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Tomato curry

This is simple dish that goes well with south Indian food like dosas, or idlies. It is good even with rice. Try this in place of Sambar.

1 Onion, sliced
3-4 Dried red chillies, broken
1 sprig of karapincha (curry leaves) - if available
1 1/2 table spoon oil
1 Can of Stewed Tomatoes/ or 1 lb tomatoes
Pinch of turmeric (Kaha kudu)
1 tbsp red chillie powder
1 tsp Curry Powder
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds (optional)

Put the oil in a saucepan and fry the first onion, red chillie, curry leaves, mustard seeds and cumin seeds.
When the onions are fried golden brown add the chillie powder, curry powder, turmeric and salt and cook for a few minutes.
When fragrant add the tomatoes. Cook for about five minutes in low heat. Add salt to taste and let it simmer for awhile and serve.
*If tomatoes are not very ripe and of good quality, add a pinch of sugar at the end.

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