Fried potatoes
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Posted by nishaka liyanaarachchi on April 17, 19108 at 09:30:33:

Fried potatoes
3 or 4 middle size potatoes
2 big onions
Moldavian fish
1 tsp Dry chilly pieces
3 tab sp of vegetable oil.
Pinch of turmeric powder
Curry leaves

1.boil potatoes .cut onion in to small slices.
2.after boil potato cut that in to squares.
3.cut potatoes , chilly& turmeric mix and leave for 5 mints
4.put oil in to a pan & when it get to normal heat put sliced onions, curry leaves & Moldavian fish & fry till it get golden color
5.add potato mixture also in to that & stir for 3 mints.

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