Garlic chicken
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Posted by Alex Williams on March 18, 19102 at 09:58:02

three chicken breasts
4 cloves of garlic small cubes
3 tablespoons of butter
1 cup garlic powder
2 cups oil

First clean the chicken, put the garlic powder in a large container then add the oil on top, mix. cut the chicken in half and put the small cubes of garlic in. put the chicken in the oil garlic mixture over night to marinade.

After it is finshed thake the chicken out of the marinade and into a bakeing pan. put one tablespoon of butter on each breast. bake in oven till cooked. extra oil and garlic is optinal for your tast.

Serve with stuffing, potatoes, and peas. dig in and have a balast with a loved ones, bye and thank you for cookind my chicken
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