Larb Gai(Thai Spicy Chicken Salad)
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Posted by Sasi Empan on July 11, 19101 at 19:12:40

Grounded chicken;500 grms
Small red onions(thinly sliced);1/2 cup
Roasted ground rice;2tbsp*
Roasted chillie powder;1.5tbsp
Lime juice;2tbsp
Fish sauce;2tbsp**
To Garnish
Spring onion(chopped);2tbsp
Mint leaves;handful
Fried dry chillies;few pieces

1.Stir chicken meat and 1 tbsp of water in a heated sauce pan until just done(do not over cook).Remove from fire.
2.Add roasted ground rice,chillie powder and red onion.Mix well.
3.Add Lime and fish sauce and adjust the sourness and saltyness by adding extra lime and fish sauce if nessesary.
4.Gently mix in the mint leaves and spring onion.Arrange on a bed of lettuce and top with fried dry chillies.
Enjoy as an accompay for rice or sticky rice or wrap up with crisp lettuce leaves or fresh cabbage.This is a nutritious and healthy food.
*Making roasted rice by stiring raw rice in heavy frying pan until brown and aromatic,keep cool,grind and bottle.It should be little course and not to fine.
**Substitue 1 teaspoon of salt for the fish sauce if its unavailable.
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