Russian Borsch(soup)
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Posted by Julia Gneusheva on May 09, 19101 at 13:29:13


For 5 litre pot:
500g beef
1 average beet
2 average carrots
1 big onion
1 yellow/green pepper
3 average potatoes
2 average tomatoes
200g cabbage
garlic, greenery
salt, pepper

Cut beef and cook a broth ( not longer than 1.30 min.).Cut beet, carrots, onions, garlic, pepper into small pieces and fry for 15-20 min in the 1 tablespoon of oil, stiring from time to time. Put them into the broth( try to avoid oil). Also put chopped potatoes and cabbage. Cook for 20 min. Then add sliced tomatoes, greenery, salt and black pepper. In 10 min the borsch is ready.

Don't serve immediately. Let the borsch stay for 3-4 hours. When serving put a teaspoon of mayonnaise into every plate. Better to eat with the black rye bread. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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