Dhania chicken
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Posted by anu on March 15, 19101 at 13:33:29

ingredients for the marinade
1 whole chicken cut into pieces or chicken drumsticks.
2/3 tsp. corriander powder.
1 tsp. roated cumin seeds powder.
2 tsp. pepper poweder.
1 to 2 tsp.red chillie powder,according to taste.
2 tbs. ginger and garlic paste.
2 tbs. vinegar or lemon juice.
1 tbs.oil.
1 tsp turmeric powder,optional.
salt to taste.
oil for frying.


marinade the chicken pieces or drumsticks in all the ingridents mentioned above over night and keep in the fridge the next day deep fry in hot oil or grill them. serve hot with sauce or mint chutney. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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