Fish Pickle (Malu Achcharu)
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Posted by Ramya Edirisinhe on January 31, 19101 at 21:13:54

1.pound Fish-(Balaya, Kelawalla,Hurullo)
1.pound Shallots.(small red onion)
6.medium carrots. beens.
1.pound green chilies (Amu miris)
1. medium row papo (Papol-Gualabu)
1.bottel( MD.-Sri lanka)coconut viniger-750ml.
4.tabsp.ground Musterd.
2.tabsp ground red chilies.
1Tabsp. ground pepper
1.tesp freshly ginger.
4.cloves freshly garlic.
1/4. Termeric.
Suger to taste
Salt to taste

1- Rinse the fish and dry them well.
2- Cut fish in to small cubes and a deep fry in a vegeterbel oil.
3- Peelled Onion.
4- Cut the green chilies begining from the meddle to the bottem.
5- Rinse the carrot,corsely shred carrot in medium strips.
6- Cut the row papaya( guslabu)in to thin slicers heat salt water untill boiling ,put soak the thin slices row papo in the boiling salt water only 10-secound.
7- Soak musterd seed in viniger for about 2-hours,then grind mueterd seed with viniger.Other ingredeant also be grounderd with viniger,(pepper, garlic, ginger, red chilies, termeric.)
8- Finely, Combine the Fish Vegeterbel and all ingredeants put in a glass or plastic bowl mix to gether well, before use the pickel shud.
be kept closed with the tight lide in a bowl, Cover and let stand at room temprature
over night. Add 2 teasp fullof suger to the Ingredeants as a preservative.
Next day the fish pickel should be once again mixed properly with a
wooden spoon and packed in seperate container or bottel with lid to be used.

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