Fish Padha
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Posted by Rinoza Riaze on October 01, 19100 at 09:55:52

8oz. oil
1lb fish sliced washed seasoned with pepper,salt, lime juice and turmeric
fry fish and drain.
3 tomatoes scalded and chopped
curry leaves
a few green chillies slit
8oz. thick coconut milk
1dsp. chillie powder (amount varies according to your taste)
grind the below ingredients:
3 cloves garlic
1 big onion
1dsp. cummin

heat 3oz. oil and fry ground ingredients till aroma rises, then add tomatoes and mash well. Then add the curry leaves, chillies and salt.Fry for few mins. Add fried fish and the coconut milk and simmer.Goes well with rice, hoppers and bread.
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