Salmon In Mild Lemon Grass and Curry Sauce
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Posted by Chaminda Rajapakse on November 16, 1999 at 14:36:16

Fresh Salmon
1 can Coconut milk
Lemon Grass
Unroasted mild curry powder
Tumeric (not needed if using yellow curry powder)
Crushed red pepper, or black pepper

This is an easy to make, but delicious and healthy dish.
Fresh Atlantic Salmon is best for this dish.

Sauté about a teaspoon of chopped onion, 1 chopped clove of garlic,
small slice of ginger and lemon grass in some olive oil or butter.

Cool the mixture and spoon it into a blender. Add 3/4th of a can of
coconut milk, half-cup water, half-teaspoon curry powder, pinch of
tumeric, pepper, salt to taste and blend until mixed well. (30 seconds or so).

Pour into a saucepan and cook on low heat constantly stirring until boiling
(Need to heat on low while stirring to keep the consistency smooth).

Add chunks of salmon and cook for a minute or two until the fish is white
all the way through (although most of us Sri Lankans like to over cook our
dishes, over cooking fresh salmon is a crime and an insult to the dead fish).

Add lemon to taste and serve with rice. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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