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Posted by Preethi Pandithasekera on February 25, 1999 at 08:39:33

Recipe: **Enough for two portions.
Takes 45 minutes to prepare.


1 small onion
300 g\14 oz mince meat
1 egg
Grated nutmeg
1\2 clove of garlic
30-50 ml\2-3tbsp bread crumbs
30 ml\2tbsp oil

For the vegetables:

1 onion
2 peppers( 1 red, 1 yellow)
250 grms \2 medium-sized tomatoes
1 small courgette
8 gms\1\2tbsp butter
1\2 clove garlic
Herbs ( e.g. basil, parsley,)
15 ml\1tbsp of each.

First prepare the peppers. Clean and cut into strips if
the skin is very tough, warm in the microwave for a few

Dice the peppers. Peel the onion and slice finely, wash
the tomatoes, quater and remove the pith and dice, wash
the courgette and slice or dice.

Fry the onion the 1\2 tbsp butter (takes 2 minutes at full power uncovered, in the microwave, stir once or twice). Add the peppers, salt and crushed garlic and let it simmer for about four minutes at full power, uncovered stirring a few times.

Add the tomatoes (2 minutes at full power, uncovered),
then add the courgette and cook for another one minute
uncovered, at full power, stirring once. Wash and chop
the herbs and add to the vegetables.

For the meatballs peel and finely slice the onion. Mix
the mince with the egg, spices, curshed garlic, onion,
breadcrumbs, and a bit of water so that the mixture is
not too heavy and leave to rest. The breadcrumbs bind the liquid so the mixture becomes more solid again. Then form balls approx. 5cm in diameter.

Heat the balls in a pan of oil and fry until brown finish
them in the microwave at no.8, for about 3 minutes,
uncovered, stirring once. Serve with the vegetables. Print this recipe       Email this recipe

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