Chicken Curry With Yogurt
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Posted by Nimshi

1 pound of chicken with bones, cut into desired pieces
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 cup of plain yogurt
1 tomato, chopped
1 tsp cumin (jeera)
1 tsp roasted curry powder
1 tsp raw curry powder
2-3 green chillies, finely chopped
1 tbsp chili powder or to taste
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste
salt to taste
1 tbsp ground black pepper
3 cardamom pods
6 cloves
1 spring curry leaves
half a cup water
5 tbsp oil

Marinate the chicken with salt and pepper for about half and hour to one hour. (The longer the better).
Heat the oil in a wide thawa or a frying pan and fry the onions until its crispy.
Then add the curry leaves, cardamom pods and the cloves and fry in the same oil. This will take only one minute.
Microwave the tomato for one minute.
Take a bowl and mix the fried onions, green chillies, curry leaves, cardamom pods and the cloves with the yogurt and the microwaved tomato.
Put this mixture in a blender and blend it until it becomes a very fine paste, approximately for about 3-4 minutes.
Then heat the same oil in which we fried the onions, first add the cumin, after about 15 seconds add the garlic ginger paste and fry for about 10 seconds.
Next add the raw curry powder, roasted curry powder, chili powder and fry all the spices for about half a minute. Make sure your heat is medium to low.
Then put the chicken and mix it until all the curry paste in coated all over the chicken pieces.
Close it with a lid and cook till the water evaportates, for about 10 minutes.
Then add the yogurt paste and mix, then add half a cup of water and cover cook until the meat is tender.

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