Lebanese Sea Food Salad
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Posted by Lakmali Xavier

Serves 4

150 gm shrimps, peeled
100 gm fish fillet
100 gm squid
100 gm lobster tail
100 gm sun dried tomatoes, diced
30 gm spring onion, chopped
20 gm fresh zaatar, chopped
70 ml olive oil
40 ml lemon juice
10 gm garlic, chopped
salt to taste
white ground pepper to taste
1 tbsp pine nuts, roasted

Marinate all seafood with salt, pepper and oil. Grill for 5-7
minutes. keep aside. Mix the seafood, spring onion, zaatar
and tomatoes. Then add the lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and garlic to taste.

Serve cold with pine nuts on top.

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